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Dear Mahmoud and Leila
This is to send you a huge thank you for organising such a brilliant trip for us. It really was one of the best holidays ever, and we enjoyed it enormously.
Everything worked out perfectly, and we were very impressed by the expertise of our team: Ali was a wonderful guide, very intelligent, with excellent English, and we enjoyed talking to him after dinner.
There is not much in the desert that Laguay does not know - his knowledge of plants and birds added greatly to our enjoyment, and he always found the best possible camp site.
We did
not expect much of the food while camping, so the wonderful lunches 'Isa served us so beautifully presented were a big surprise. It was amazing what delicious dinners he managed to cook on just two gas rings. We were also impressed with his hygiene: everything was washed carefully, and he never left food lying about without a cover.
Barka of course is just Barka - he made everybody laugh, and I practised my Arabic with him and had lots of fun.
We were pleased that both you and Leila came to meet us so late at night at the airport, and we
were very touched that you showed us round the Medina the next day and took us out to lunch. We very much appreciated the present you gave us to remind us of our holiday, but even without it we would never forget the Libyan desert.
I am attaching some photos to show what a good time we had. I looked again at your website and noticed that you have no pictures of camp sites nor of the wonderful food, so am attaching some of those.
Thank you once again for all you have done
Irena and Bruce
4X4 Irena and bruce february 2010



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